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Welcome to our Design, Architecture and Lifestyle studio

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studiotwentysix was founded during the 2021 pandemic, born out of a concept of re-imagining how homes and property can be transformed to create inspirational ways to work, rest and play which respond to the rapidly changing dynamics of our lives.

Through our designs, we strive to find the perfect balance between high quality design, comfort, practicality and aesthetics, delivered sustainably. Our goal is not only to create stunning spaces, but to improve the quality of the human experience for occupiers and users.

We are primarily an Architectural Practice, but have experience in all aspects of design, including lifestyle and interiors.  Our knowledge and experience of working client side on major projects in global architecture and construction businesses means we can assist in all aspects of the design and delivery process.  From individual spaces, extensions, to whole houses or multiple dwellings and commercial spaces we can help you add value and bring your visions to reality.

We added lifestyle to our brand because every client is unique and those elements when successfully brought together elevate the user experience of any we just love art, design, fashion and music and want to share the things we love with you. 

Our work is mostly based in the London and Brighton area, but we have projects as far a field as the mountains of Norway so are willing to travel for an awesome project.

Get in touch to learn what we can create together.

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